Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority


Property Improvement Program





In 2009, PURA introduced the Downtown Facade Improvement Program with the goal of helping downtown business property owners actively participate in the redevelopment of their neighborhood by applying for the program’s low interest loan and grant funds to upgrade their building facades.  PURA’s first participant was downtown property owner Michael Jordan, who used the fund to rehabilitate his building at 201 S. Main.  The property houses the eco-friendly coffee house, Solar Roast.  Since then, PURA has introduced the Property Improvement Program in three additional urban renewal project areas thatt include Union Avenue, Lake Minnequa, and Pueblo’s Historic East Side.  In 2010, PURA approved its first East Side project, located at 720-724 East 4th Street.  PURA also approved its first property improvement project in the Union Avenue project area located at 124 Midwway.  The historic building on Midway, which faces Pueblo’s state-of-the-art City-County Library in the emerging “Mesa Junction” Downtown area will feature retail/office space when completed.  To find out if you are eligible for the property improvement program, click on the link below to download the application.



 Property Improvement Program Application