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Eastside Redevelopment Project

East 4th Street Business Survey Report


Colorado State University Healy Center Pueblo’s East Side Task Force partnered with Colorado State University – Pueblo, Healy Center students, to survey business owners along the Historical East 4th Street business corridor.  The results of this survey will be applied to an overall strategic plan geared toward the revival of economic activity in the area.  To review the final report, click on the following link:


Healy Center Study – East 4th Street


Healy Center Study At a Glance…






To coordinate efforts among the various groups working to redevelop the East Side, PURA formed the Historic East Side Task Force in 2010.  PURA and the City of Pueblo agreed to create a joint city planner position to organize the Task Force and coordinate efforts among PURA, the City of Pueblo, and the Fountain Creek Greenway Project.  City planner Beritt Odom was hired for the position August 2010.


City planners and project partners are currently working together to finalize the phasing plan that will redevelop and rebrand Pueblo’s “Lower East Side” into the celebrated “Pueblo’s Historic East Side Neighborhood.”  The initial phase of the PURA development project encompasses the Fountain Creek Greenway Master Plan which is a total of 40 acres and includes 6 blocks of mixed-use space for future commercial and affordable housing redevelopment.  The future commercial tenants will provide services and goods to meet the immediate needs of day-to-day residents.  Architecture of housing should complement the historic nature of the East Side while creating its own identity. The surrounding Greenway area will be reserved for open space and recreational opportunities.  It should be noted that the City is researching the feasibility of rezoning to Residential Charter Neighborhood, which will allow high-density, mixed use development.





While the City approved the Historic East Side as a project area, the Southern Colorado Delivery System (SDS) held public and advisory meetings that resulted in a $600,000 Master Plan to create a greeenway park from the confluence of Fountain Creek and the Arkansas River to the Historic East Side’s Eighth Street.  The goal is to improve the health of the watershed, create ecosystems that support native wildlife and plants, sustain productive agricultural lands and lay out a trail between Colorado Springs and Pueblo with recreational, educational and tourism opportunities.