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Central Plaza Final Master Plan



PRESS RELEASE: Central Plaza Master Plan Drawings Revealed




Central PlazaThe City of Pueblo conducted a competitive process to secure a design firm for the Downtown Pedestrian and Traffic Master Plan. The firm selected by the city for this project is Stanley Consultants, Inc. In 2012, the Board of Commissioners of the Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority established an organizational goal of funding a master plan for Central Plaza to increase the economic vitality of the area.


Much of the work contemplated by this master plan would involve improvements to the pedestrian and traffic experience of visitors to the area. Because the Authority considers this project to be a “sub-project” of the city’s larger downtown plan, and because the city has already conducted a competitive procurement procedure for the same service, PURA is utilizing the same contractor for Central Plaza design work.


Because Stanley Consultants is providing a larger scale plan for the city, the Authority has an opportunity to secure design services at a lower rate. Because sufficient funds exist to add an additional design project to the scope, the Authority will also use its $50,000 budget to obtain design services for the intersections of 2nd and Main and 3rd and Main. Both intersections suffer from settling pavers and will be in need of rehabilitation within the coming years. Obtaining a design for this project will take the first step towards rehabilitation of the intersections.