Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority


Lake Minnequa Project Area



In 2008, the City approved Lake Minnequa as an Urban Renewal Project Area in hopes of restoring the once bustling business and recreation district to its former glory.  Puebloans can still recall the park and drive-in, jet-skiing, and community picnics that helped create a hub of neighborhood activity in Minnequa.  The neighborhood, also the original site of the Colorado State Fairgrounds, once attracted thousands of outside visitors to its Lake and area businesses.  The redevelopment of the Lake Minnequa Project Area is a joining project between the City and PURA, and includes two phases.  Phase I involves the restoration of Lake Minnequa while Phase II involves the development of the Main Business Corridor named Lake Avenue.  The City completed restoration of the recreational Lake in 2010 and is now making plans to introduce neighboring softball fields.