Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority


Pueblo Convention Center


Owned and built by PURA and professionally managed by Global Spectrum, the Pueblo Convention Center continues to play an important role in Pueblo’s economy.  By attracting conventions that bring new visitors spending money in area hotels, restaurants, and stores, the facility fulfills its purpose of bringing outside dollars to Pueblo throughout the year.  To ensure its continued success, PURA has completed several upgrades to the facility in 2010 that included a redesign of the main entrance, new landscaping, televisions for the main corridor, new fixtures, and window replacements.  Still, the demand for space continues to be a challenge, as PURA looks at varying options to expand the convention center to more than twice its size.  While one option may be Pueblo’s Regional Tourism Application, a temporary fix is the construction of an enclosed pavilion that adds 5,500 sq. ft. to the facility.