Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority


Beautification Projects


Bringing Color to HARP

Local beautification volunteers, “Wednesday Weeders,” partnered with Corwin International Magnet School students to bring color and math to the Histroic Arkansas Riverwalk Project in November of 2010.  Financed by PURA, the ‘Weeders’ coordinated more than 200 fourth and fifth graders to plant 3,000 tulip bulbs using a math equation that required six bulbs per sq. ft.  Students planted the sea of tulips on the North end of the Riverwalk across from the Paseo del Rio condiminiums, and near Angelo’s Pizza Parlor Restaurant.


B Street Patio Redevelopment

PURA in cooperation with the City of Pueblo completed the “B Street Patio Expansion Project” in April of 2011.  The project added approximately 987 sq. ft. of patio space on the north side of the street, directly benefiting B Street eateries.  The patio features red brick pavers that reinforce B Street’s historic look and new landscaping.


Downtown Flowers

Another Urban Renewal project that is geared towards improving the appearance of the Union Avenue district are the Downtown hanging planters.  PURA contributed $5000 toward the purchase of flowers in 2011.